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This turned them into a bullet profile similar to a flat nose full metal jacket. Penetration and weight retention from all 380 test shots was very good. The 9mm test results were right in line with what I expected to see from this load. Critical Defense has always displayed limited expansion and deep penetration.

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After over 140 years of activity in the production of a wide range of small-calibre ammunition, Fiocchi is appreciated in hunting, target shooting, security and defence fields, as well as in specific industry sectors

The 95 grain flat nose has only a small ding at one edge of the flat nose as such as the bullet itself almost is not touching the feeding ramp. The angle of the flat Point is about the same when chambering in this particular Beretta Pico model as such as it's about perfect in this model. This bullet is about the perfect match for this pistol. Apr 30, 2020 · FMJ-FN or sometimes just referred to as FN stands for Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose. This is essentially target ammo that’s flat on the tip instead of rounded or hollowed out. FMJ-RN. These are just Full Metal Jackets with Round Noses. LRN. LRN stands for Lead Round Nose. This is essentially target ammo without a jacket, or copper coating.