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homelite ut21506, ut21546, ut21907, ut21947 fueling and refueling the trimmer fuel mixture, filling tank . fueling and refueling the trimmer fuel mixture, filling tank Aug 05, 2007 · Mix Homelite Premium Exact Mix oil with gasoline. according to the instructions on the package. If Premium. Exact Mix oil is not available, use a high quality 2-cycle. engine oil, mixed at 2.6 oz. per gallon (US). Do not use automotive oil or 2-cycle outboard oil. NOTE: Premium Exact Mix fuel mix will stay fresh up to 30. days.

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Fuel mix for homelite hht2660 hedge trimmer What we normally say is good quality two stroke oil 50-1, two stroke oil from unknown manufacturers 25-1 Homelite Garden | Answered on Jul 10, 2019 Mar 24, 2001 · If gas and oil cost $0.45/gallon, you would be saving about $0.36/hour. To recover the $400 initial cost you would have to troll for about 1,100 hours. That is a lot of fishing! As the price of gasoline rises, however, the time to recoup the $400 shrinks. At $2.00/gallon for gas and oil you save the $400 in only 250 hours of trolling.

Many 2 cycle engines will normally run on a gas to oil ratio of 40:1. This involves adding 3.2 oz. of 2 cycle oil to 1 gallon of gas. You can normally run between 32:1 (4 oz. oil to 1 gallon of gas) to 50:1 (2.6 oz. oil to 1 gallon of gas). Sometimes the recommended ratio will be listed on the gas tank or the gas cap. I would run a 40:1 mix if you are unsure. any more and the plug will likely foul out. It has a lot to do with the better lubricating properties of modern pre-mix oil. Adding more oil will in theory lean out the gas to air ratio but I think it would be insignificant at 40~50 to 1 ratios when the adjustment on an older motor is so wide.