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Find the largest collection of do it yourself (DIY) guitar kits, classical & Tele guitar kit at an affordable price from Solo Music Gear in Canada! As of Monday, June 15 2020, we will be re-launching the local pick up option for orders.

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May 22, 2017 · Warmoth and the Nightswan If you cut your guitar-playing teeth in the 80’s, you probably remember Kramer's Nightswan guitar. You probably also remember the magazine ad that was so ubiquitous at the time: Vivian Campbell leaning against a white French door, hair perfectly teased, while a fog machine and a lightning storm rage outside. My mighty Warmoth Telecaster or "WarCaster". Built on 04/20/2018. Ultimate Telecaster Build | With Parts from Warmoth and STRATosphere Today I build the ultimate telecaster and find out if...

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Hey all, This video is going to give you a rundown of my first DIY guitar build. It's a Telecaster, built to my desired specs. Here is the rundown: Warmoth S... Unboxing and showing all the components of my Warmoth Telecaster build.Pitbull guitars do Indonesian made kits, but the quality control js quite high. You have to put a lot of work into any kit to make it play well though, they don't just snap together. The more you spend, the better the kit. Try Warmoth maybe?

Warmoth / Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Strat® Project. Both the body and neck were purchased from Warmoth's "showcase" which saved a considerable amount of money as opposed to having...